Kaunis Eesti kodu 2004

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The holiday house is situated in a beautiful and peaceful location on a lakeshore. You can reach it by taking Räpina Road from Tartu to Melliste, and low the signs for INDO Farm and INDO Holiday House.
Accommodation: 3 rooms with 6 beeds (19.17 EUR per person) whit the possiblity of an additional bed. Use of the whole house 115 EUR. Lounge with fireplace for 15 people, price include sauna, WC.
Additional possiblities and services: breakfast (2.56 EUR), supper when ordered, possibility to use the kitchen; use of a boat, fishing with equipment, ball and bonfire square, garden furniture, barbecue, smoke oven, TV, horseback riding 5 km from the house.
Restaurants, shops and post-office 2 km from holiday house.